Eph. 5:3-5

In this third and final message on Sin, based on the “sin lists” in the book of Ephesians, Pastor Trevor deals primarily with two sins: sexual immorality and greed. But rather than focussing on “thou shalt not” of sexual morality, he attempts to define sexual MORALITY – what makes sex so good and sacred and specific in God’s eternal plan. If we can truly grasp the goodness of moral sex, then speaking on immorality becomes a matter of fact rather than judgment. Greed is basically defined as being possessed by your possessions. It’s not what you own, but what owns you. Since God wants to be, Himself, the source of all joy and purpose in our lives, over-reliance on people and things becomes idolatry. The message concludes with the cheerful reminder that the Last Supper, according to Jesus, is not only a cup of suffering, but a foretaste of the coming feast when we meet Jesus, the lover of our souls, face to face!