Mt. 20_24-28; Tit. 1:6-9; Heb. 13:17

We move from talking about being a child in the family of God to being a parent. We offer the comparison of church leaders – elders, overseers and deacons – as being like more mature siblings who babysit the younger children. They have authority, but only under the headship of the Father, and according to Jesus in Matthew 20, they should see themselves as servants, not overlords. Given the growing contrast between societal norms and Biblical teaching, a significant portion of today’s talk explains “complementarianism.” Just as husbands and wives are equal but different in roles, so elders and deacons are equally vital to church life, but should not experience power struggle if they each focus on their Biblical callings, which are distinct. Pastor Trevor also explains why reserving the eldership role for men is an HONOUR to womanhood, not an insult.