1 Ki. 19:19-21; Lk. 9:62; Phil. 3:10 -14

Recalling the historical roots of the phrase, “Burn the Ships,” Pastor Trevor suggests that perhaps our Plan B can actually be a threat to our Plan A. When it comes to facing the future, the greatest challenge can be letting go of the past. Holding on to the past grants us the advantages of “victimhood” (check the archive for a short sermon series on this topic!) but reduces our chances of victory in the future. To make sure that the past does not attack us from behind while we face tomorrow, we should burn it to ashes like Elisha, who burned his oxen and plow, leaving himself no retreat from answering the call of God. (Toward the end of the sermon, the Pastor invited each church member to release a little origami boat out on the water with a past struggle written on it - but not without first setting it on fire with WD-40. Don't worry, the kids were in Sunday School! :)