Eph. 5:18-20; 2Cor. 13:12; Ac. 17:11; 1 Ti. 2:8; Jm. 5:16; 1Cor. 14:26-33, 16:1-2

As part of our Ministry Apprenticeship program, David Peters and the pastor designed a church service from scratch. They asked the question, "If we had never seen a church building, or attended a church service, but we were going to build a Sunday morning church service based on what little direction the Bible gives us about this, what would it look like?" This message is meant to give the reasoning behind the order of service which came out of that conversation. (For those who were not present when this message was preached, you should know that the chairs in the auditorium were drastically changed, from the normal theatre-type lay-out to a semi-circle which centered around the Communion table and the pulpit.) The change was for one Sunday only, but the goal was to encourage our church family to have (and know) a reason for everything our church does. May everything we do as a church point back to our purpose: to make Jesus easy to get to!