Often Jesus chose to deliver concrete truths with allegorical stories called "parables." This week, Pastor Trevor presents the Gospel story in the form of a historical romance from 19th Century Europe. While there are no Scripture verses directly CITED (with chapter and verse), several are quoted, and others are referenced subtly throughout the story. The intention of this story is to bring out the essence of Grace, which is unmerited favour from God. Jesus is sent from His Father and His Kingdom in order to retrieve a bride, not on account of HER merits, but on account of HIS great love. And the only thing this Bride can do to secure the promise of her betrothed husband is to trust fully in His promise. Our good deeds may, if we are not careful, become acts of DOUBT rather than acts of faith, if we do them hoping that they maintain or increase our standing with God. Whatever good we (the Bride) do while waiting for our Husband to return to us should be seen as acts which reflect our confidence that we are, indeed, highly esteemed by a righteous and royal King!