Eph. 3:14-21

In last week's sermon on Eph. 3:1-13, we recount that Paul believed he needed to re-assert God's purpose for establishing His church, in order for his prayer for them to make sense. He now picks up in v. 14 where he paused in v. 1, to finally offer his heartfelt prayer for all believers. In the prayer, Paul acknowledges that it takes the power of the Holy Spirit in order to strengthen the church to grasp the magnitude of the love of God. We already have God's love, but we cannot give what we do not KNOW we have. Our love of people is fragmented and conditional because our knowledge of God's love is fragmented and conditional. The first and greatest power unlocked by the Holy Spirit is the ability to comprehend the riches of God's love in our own lives. Today, Pastor Trevor challenges us to receive the riches of God's love with the same bright eyes and vigor that we would receive an immeasurable sum of worldly wealth.