Eph. 2:8-10

Many people struggle to understand the relationship between faith and deeds. We generally agree that no one can save themselves by good deeds, but only by God's grace, received through faith. But does this mean that good works have nothing to do with being a Christian? Pastor Trevor uses an analogy of a "pipeline" to demonstrate how vv. 8 and 9 can never be separated from v. 10. The analogy suggests that we (believers) are pipes that God has oriented to deliver Heaven's Grace to human depravity. Faith is the human posture that allows God's grace to manifest before others in the form of Good Works. Essentially, no one can boast in works, because they are merely the out-flow of grace channeled through us by faith. Pastor Trevor concludes with a personal story that highlights the joy of being an empty vessel through which God's grace can flow!