Eph. 5:15-21

Today’s sermon is prefaced by a children’s sermon, in which the Pastor takes the kids on an imaginary trail ride through the sanctuary. Which aisle to travel is chosen totally at random for a while, until one path threatens danger, and another one offers reward. Suddenly, the path is chosen with a purpose in mind. The message follows to suggest that the Path of Wisdom is the attempt to discover our created purpose. Any other travel, no matter how fast or how far, is folly and foolishness. The first three verses of our passage (vv. 15-17) sets that foundation, and the following four (vv. 18-21) show us what the journey should look like for someone who knows their purpose. Paul uses the image of a “song in our heart.” If the Lord’s will (v. 17) is the song of our heart, then our daily conduct is the dance pattern that follows the beat of that song.