Jn. 6:63; Eph. 5:18-20; Col. 3:16; Lk. 5:36-39; Mt. 13:52; Ps. 32:7, 40:3, 42:8, 65:8

How do you share Biblical Truth to people who can't read? Well, how does Sesame Street teach our illiterate children? Mainly with pictures and songs. This message reminds us that MOST Christians, across time and around the world, managed to "hide" the Word of God in their heart (Ps. 119:11) without owning a Bible, and the hymnody of the church is one of the primary ways that was possible. If Christ's church will produce and preserve and sing songs that are both musically interesting and biblically rich, then our music becomes part of our teaching, as Col. 3:16 suggests. The pastor charts a course to literally "preach" the favourite songs of the church family, so that when we sing them, we are reminded of the profound truths they proclaim!

(Our apologies, the first five minutes of our audio was lost, so the message begins quite abruptly without some of the introductory remarks.)