Mk. 4:35-41; Ac. 27:21-42; Ex. 13:21-22; Ps. 119:105

This song is written by Rend Collective, a musical group from Ireland, where lighthouses are a common sight. Pastor Trevor relates the images painted by the lyrics to the biblical stories where God reveals His light and hope in the "storms" of life. A lighthouses has the same paradoxical purpose as that of God's Word; it shows us where TO go, and also where NOT to go, at the same time. Lighthouses are meant to draw us very near to the rocks - where temptation, broken lives, and sin abound - but without actually being shipwrecked ourselves. If we live our lives out in the open water, we need neither a lighthouse or God's Word. But to live on the rocky edges, where lost souls are already shipwrecked and praying for daylight, we need that light to guide us safely to shore.