Using a number of personal stories, the Pastor tried to show how sometimes, the best thing to do in a situation is NOT "leave it to the professionals." Many Christians feel unqualified or nervous when it comes to making disciples, for fear of misleading someone, or of simply embarrassing themselves. But if only the "professionals" - pastors and missionaries and "really good people" do it, many people will not be reached. This message was not a "sermon," in the sense that it opened up the Bible. Rather, it was meant to open up the church - the people themselves - to share what things they feel they would need more teaching about to be able to lead others, as well as ways in which we can increase people's confidence levels to actually do so. This was done as an open conversation (which regrettably will be difficult to hear on this video feed). The information gathered in the conversation will be used by the pastor to create a discipleship "plan B" which involves EVERYONE in the church - not just a select few.